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The Soul Cleansing Special Edition CD uses multiple sound frequencies to clear and release negative thought forms, cleanses the subconscious mind, calms the conscious mind. When played through loudspeakers this CD can help cleanse the human aura and remove attachments and fragments from the soul gem.

This CD also contains the Names of God associated with dispelling dark forces, healing, and spiritual power. Using The Soul Cleansing Special Edition CD on a regular basis helps to connect the mind to the higher dimensional planes of reality.

"This one is better in terms of the technology of the sounds, more smooth and clear than the other ones and it is embed with the waves of great stars, I do not know how this kind of technology is used to do this tough, but this is a great help for the soul, for me it is a really advanced discovery in human history, I have never seen this…Believe it or not, I am smarter than before, I listen to this 3 to 4 times per week, it is amazing.


"Thanks for share this wonderful spiritual tools for free, God bless.
This stuff is so amazing, lol.”

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